UK Permanent Residence 2021 Program

If you’re looking to move to the UK and work out your PR, then this post is for you! A couple of months back, the UK adopted the point-based immigration system just like Canada, making it easier for talents including those from Nigeria to get a job over there and move their family easily You get a 5-year visa following which you qualify for Permanent Residence. Following Brexit, many industries in the UK are experiencing a cute shortage of experienced hands, hence the need for more workers from around the globe.

To qualify, you’d need to:
1. Get a job with an offer of at least £25,600
2. Have your proof of Identity & supporting document
3. Application fee ranging from £610-1408
4. Procure Health Insurance (up to £624)
5. Be able to support yourself (at least £1270)
In three weeks a decision is reached and if you’re successful, you get a 5-year Visa, following which you can move your family to the UK. I know that so many people are discouraged by the fact that you need to get a job paying that much. To be sincere, it’s not as hard as it looks Let me explain. Let’s say for example that you’re a social media manager who knows his onions. As with many industries,there’s a lot of demand for competitive talent.

Get a professional to review your CV and cover letter and get on (
keywords=indeeddotcom&highlightedUpdateUrns=urn%3Ali%3Aactivity%3A6853698619569250306), set up an account, narrow your interests to social media jobs in the UK and treat it as serious business

Job hunting is a serious business. It may take time, but you’d get a job as long as you’re good in what you do. The same goes for other industries where specialized skills are not needed. Once you get a job, you can proceed with your application as long as you have 70 points. Alternatively, if you don’t have the application fees, you can look out for jobs that are entirely remote, work for a couple of months and raise the money you need to move. One thing I can tell you for sure is that there are so many Nigerians doing this. Some are based in Nigeria while others have moved here to the UK. They don’t always open up but they’re many Once your application is approved your family can move with you Currently, the UK is recruiting truck drivers to work for 3 months starting next month. It’s open to Nigerians alongside the skilled worker visa, a number of other routes have opened today.

These include:
Global Talent visa for people who can show they have exceptional talent or exceptional promise in the fields of science, engineering,humanities, medicine, digital technology or arts and culture
-Innovator visa for a person seeking to establish a business in the UK based on an innovative, viable and scalable business idea
-Start-up visa for a person seeking to establish a business in the UK for the first time
-The Intra-company Transfer visa

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October 12, 2021

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